2021 Guest Speakers
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Xu Yonggang
Director and general manager
Zhengzhou Swire Coca Cola

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Gao Zhongxiu
Marketing Director, instant Noodle Division
Master Kong

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Shu Guohua
Director of Product Research and Development of the Group
Jindong Group

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Ruan Luping
Senior Lecturer, Weibo Business School
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Chen Poetry
Person in charge of public relations and communication
Naxue's Tea
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Zhou Qiuzhen
General Manager of East China District, Advertising Marketing Department of Sohu
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Gong Wu
General Manager of Brand in China
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Liu Wei
Thomson Jason
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Lin Shuiyang
Hugging Hall
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Zhang Lu
Product Source Wenhua

Reverse growth under the Challenge of epidemic situation in the morning

08:00-09:00 guests sign in. 

09:00-09:30Online enabling, Unbounded Marketing-- BC Integrated Global Circulation Ecological chain 

Xu Yonggang, Director and General ManagerSwire Coca Cola

09:30-09:55Brand Presentation

Gao Zhongxiu, Marketing Director, convenient Noodle Division, Master KangMaster Kong

09:55-10:15 Digital practice of willing Liquor Industry

Zhang Beiping, General Manager of Digital Management CenterGive up to the wine industry

10:15Social marketing case sharing 


10:35-10:45Coffee Break & Booth Visiting 

10:45Digital practice of New Tea Brand 

Chen Shi, head of public relations communicationNaxue's Tea

11:10Innovative marketing case sharing 


11:30Innovative marketing case sharing 


11:50Round Table discussion: thinking about Survival and change in crisis

The negative impact of COVID-19 's epidemic situation on various industries has become a foregone conclusion. How to judge the impact of the epidemic on the beverage industry as a whole and the current retail channels? What will be the performance of different subdivisions in the aftermath of the epidemic? At the same time, health will become a new theme throughout the year. How can the beverage industry embrace new opportunities? 

Round Table Guests:

Li Qian, Chief Brand Officer, Wugu Mill

Li Ji, co-founder, Zuo Lion

Guo Sihan, deputy general manager, happy and happy tea

Gao Zhongxiu, Marketing Director, Master Kang

In the afternoon, we will build new brands and win sales.

13:30-14:00How to catch the eyeball of young consumers in collaborative marketing 

Li Qian, Chief Brand OfficerGrain Mill

14:00-14:20Brand Super Language

Liu Wei, founder and CEOThomson Jason

14:20Healthy consumption: a New trend in the Post-epidemic era 

Gong Wu, General Manager of China BrandAland Allande.

14:45Insight Presentation

Volcanic Engine

15:05Coffee Break & Booth Visiting

15:20Differentiated Marketing of New Plant Meat Brand 

Hong Xiaoqi, FounderHey Maet plant meat

15:45-16:05Internet + Cinema makes scene Marketing more accurate

He Yuyang, Co-founderHugging Hall Media

16:05-16: 30Thoughts on the Breakthrough of New Brand 

Wang Xin, Co-founderWheat Oye

16:30A New way out of the Circle of Hawk Bean, a New Plant protein Nova 

Wang Luyuan, FounderOriginal bean revival (reserved)

16:50Round Table discussion: new momentum of growth in the era of Digital Commerce 

Time to enter 2021, the new era of consumption has quietly arrived. The emerging business model adapts to the buying behavior of consumers, represents the demand of consumers for retail experience, and shows its resilience during the epidemic. Consumers and consumer behavior have undergone subtle changes. Based on the characteristics of the industry and changes in consumer behavior, how to better understand consumers and provide more accurate services has become an important issue in the industry.

Moderator:Yang Zhikai, managing partner, solution consultation

Hong Xiaoqi, founder of, Hey Maet Plant Meat

Pan Dinghao, founder, Panda Fine Wine

Sun Sida, founder, Food Laboratory

Xiao Li Zi, Co-founder and Brand Director, AKOKO

18:00-20:00VIPDinner and industry report release (invitation limited)

Official Support Partner
2019 Participating Brand
In the past, the traditional retail industry was faced with the adjustment of the proportion of online vs offline business structure, which prompted the food and beverage brand to consolidate and strengthen online business and marketing. Enterprises with traditional stores as the lifeline of cash flow will also gradually increase the proportion of online and new retail to speed up their ability to deal with the risk resistance of this unexpected war. Online marketing and advertising will continue to meet a new round of big opportunities.

With the acceleration of the digitization process in China, the "man-cargo yard" model of the traditional food and beverage industry is also in the process of continuous evolution. Brand needs to think about how to from the digitization of products, the digitization of users, the digitization of channels to the digitization of communication, promote the new infrastructure of brand digital marketing, and constantly subvert the development of the times, so as to adapt to a lot of uncertainty and constancy in the future.
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