Starbucks took the lead in opening direct drinking cup cover and paper straw in Shanghai and Shenzhen today, realizing national coverage within the year.

Date Of Issue:2019 / 04 / 23 21:23

(4)22Japan, ShanghaiOn the eve of the 50th World Earth Day, Starbucks China announced that it would start fromGreen packing, green space, green ambassadorThree dimensions of development"Love Green."Environmental Protection Programs,I hope that through a little environmental protection measures within my power,Give full play to their own green influence, invite thousands of stars together, bring the concept and behavior of environmental protection to the daily life of every day, and build the green earth together.

"Starbucks' green apron does two things a day-sharing good coffee with friends; helping the world, a little bit better. Our simple idea has never changed since the beginning of the company. " Wang Jingying, chief executive of Starbucks China, said: "and the 'love of green' program announced by Starbucks China today is only the first step in our ongoing exploration of environmentally friendly and loving green Earth. Environmental protection is a very cool thing, we hope to influence and encourage more customers and star fans through every "green apron" in every Starbucks store in China, and love green and love the earth with us. "

Green Packing——Start with a small change and save one for the protection of the earth."Cup"The Power Of

From422Starbucks will take the lead in pilot use in nearly a thousand stores in Shanghai and ShenzhenStraight drinking cup cover and paper straw,Stop providing plastic strawTo reduce the plastic footprint with practical action. For ice drinks that do not contain whipped cream, Starbucks will provide customers with specially developed straight drinking cup caps, while for other drinks that need straw, the store will offer more environmentally friendly paper straws for the Starbucks experience that does not affect the customer's experience. This environmental initiative, it is planned thatStarbucks will be fully implemented in all stores in mainland China by the end of this year, and Starbucks will be completed ahead of schedule."2020Stop using plastic straw worldwide"Plastic reduction commitment of.

In March, Starbucks announced plans to test recyclable and composting paper cups and will pilot greener hot cups in several markets around the world in 2020. As a green practitioner, Starbucks China will also continue to spare no effort to invest in research and development, striving to achieve 100% composting, biodegradable or recyclable cutlery such as outer cups and knives and forks within five years, and reduce the per capita disposable tableware use by 20% through the promotion of shop cutlery and bring-your-own cups.

Meanwhile,Starbucks China will launch a new category of drinks this week, all of which will be designed to store a brand new reusable beverage cup for environmental protection."Cup"The Power Of.

Green Space——From design to operation, create green in the store in an all-round way"The Third Space"

Every store is an important link for Starbucks to integrate into and connect to the community. Over the past five years, Starbucks China has been designing and building stores to more environmentally friendly standards.Green MaterialWater saving and electricity savingAndGarbage DisposalCreate a greener third space for partners, customers and communities.

Green materials: at present, more than 98% of the building materials and facilities and equipment used in stores are procured locally to reduce the environmental impact caused by transportation; the use of fluorine-free air conditioning systems to reduce damage to the earth's atmosphere; and the use of low volatile organic compounds coatings to encourage in-factory processing to reduce the impact on the air quality of stores.

Water saving and energy saving: at present, all stores use high efficiency water saving devices, which save 35% water compared with the requirements of the national standard, LED lamps and energy saving lamps are all used in the lighting system, and 15% energy consumption energy saving is realized.

Garbage disposal: Starbucks China will respond positively to the government's call for garbage sorting to begin in Shanghai in July and will gradually be extended to more stores in other cities across the country.

Green Ambassador.-"Green Apron"Gather customers and integrate green into life

At present, Starbucks is in ChinaMore than 3800 stores in more than 160 cities have more than 52000 partners. Every green connection that every partner makes with a customer can change a little more for Green Earth. On this basis, Starbucks China will encourage partners to enrich environmental knowledge and consolidate green concepts through training on environmental issues such as energy conservation, garbage classification and reduction, so that "green aprons" will truly incarnate "green ambassadors" (Green Master Campaign), to gather customers to practice the cool thing of environmental protection from little by little, and to love the beautiful earth.

Following Starbucks' long tradition of environmental protection, Starbucks China will, as always, serve a medium cup of fresh coffee for every customer who brings his or her own cup to a designated store from 9 a.m. to 12:00 on Earth Day (April 22). On weekdays, we will also offer our own cup of customers a discount of 4 yuan, with a discount of about 10% to 20% each cup, to effectively encourage and give back the "cool green" environmental behavior with Starbucks.

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