FBIE 2019 Shanghai Import & Export Food and Beverage Exhibition brings Infinite Business opportunities to the Industry

Date Of Issue:2019 / 04 / 23 21:24

Shanghai Gordon Commercial Exhibition Co., Ltd. FBIE China and other event areas have expanded from 28800 to 420000 square meters in order to meet the growing demand for high-quality food, beverages, hotel catering and so on in the Chinese and Asian markets. More than 1200 international companies are expected to take part in the exhibition, which is the country's first choice for the global trade in food and beverage and wine. More than 80% of the exhibition's booths have been booked for, FBIE China to be held again on May 29-31, 2019 at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center.



FBIE China is committed to providing imported high-quality food to China and Asia, including building platforms for product exhibitions, from high-quality cheese to recently popular handmade beer. FBIE China has always maintained this tradition, with exhibits from tea, coffee, meat, beer, seafood, fresh agricultural products, dairy products and other industries, and owns Wanduoji Trading Co., Ltd., Shanghai Weimei Food Co., Ltd., Beijing Light Chef Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Taide Food Development Co., Ltd. And other leading brands and food traders. Last year, 985 exhibitors from 36 countries and 25 national pavilions participated in the exhibition, and more than 52000 professional buyers are expected to come this year to find business opportunities to meet the growing demand for "new" and "exotic" products in the product area. From juicy tomatoes from sunny Mediterranean shores to rich coffee fields in Sumatra and Rio de Janeiro to, FBIE China, the top filet steak in the United States and Japan, it offers a one-stop high-quality product service for the industry.


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