Five gigabytes! The retail trade can still play like this!

Date Of Issue:2019 / 05 / 05 06:17
At the Boao Forum for Asia held a few days ago, the 2019 degree report on Asian Competitiveness pointed out that the world economy has maintained a moderate growth trend, but the momentum has shown signs of slowing down. In the face of adverse external environment, Asia's major economies will maintain steady development and will become one of the main engines that will continue to support the development of the world economy.
Jiang Ming, co-president of China Business at the Asia-Pacific Retail Conference and the organizers of the International Consumer goods Fair, said that with the further strengthening of the awareness of the Asian community of destiny and the further integration of Asian economies, the Asian economic situation will move forward steadily on the basis of independence in the future, and relying on the huge consumer market and infrastructure construction market, it is expected to take the lead in getting out of the trough of economic growth in the world. And achieve a significant and fundamental improvement in the security environment.
In the past two years, the total sales of global retail industry reached US $24.21 trillion, an increase over the previous year. Among them, the retail volume in the Asia-Pacific region, represented by China and Japan, is about US $9.68 trillion, accounting for 40 per cent, making it the largest retail market in the world. There is no doubt that retail sales growth in the Asia-Pacific region will remain high with the rise of emerging consumer forces such as China and India and the rise in disposable income levels.

5GDrive the great change of retail industry
With the rapid application and popularization of artificial intelligence, Internet of things and 5G communication technology, the economy, society, production and life of the country are more and more running on the network, and the world has entered the era of the Internet of everything. It is understood that Huawei last year issued a white paper entitled "GIV2025 opens the industrial map of the intelligent world", pointing out that the fourth technological revolution based on ICT network and with artificial intelligence as the engine is bringing us into an intelligent world in which everything is perceived, everything is connected, and everything is intelligent.
It is not difficult to see that the recent 5G, which has stirred up huge waves in the market, will create more possibilities for the Internet of everything. At present, in the field of international technical standards, China is undoubtedly in the leading position of 5G technology. Therefore, the Internet of everything will also become an irreversible trend in the retail industry, industry giants strategy to speed up the early layout of the market, Ali, Tencent, and other industry pioneers are quick to increase the whip, continue to increase. Among them, in the combination of 5G communications applications, Yuna Technology provides a "take it, do not check out" solution is not only part of Intel 5G strategic blueprint, but also one of Intel's main partners in the new retail program. In addition, driven by the newly released intelligent retail brain, Su Ning technology not only opened up the channel between consumers and brands, constructed a personalized custom retail model, but also promoted the large-scale replication of digital and highly digital stores, and accelerated the digital upgrading of traditional retail stores.
According to the National Bureau of Statistics, China's new retail market reached 38.94 billion yuan in 2017, with the formation of consumption habits and the maturity of the new retail model in the future, with great potential for growth. Industry insiders expect that by 2022, the entire market size will reach about 1.8 trillion yuan, with an average annual compound growth rate of 115 per cent. Zhang Xueshan, vice president of the China Convention and Exhibition Economic Research Association and chairman of Zhenwei Exhibition Group, said: "InterconnectionOnline retailing is the innovative development of Chinese retail industry. Relying on the Internet, enterprises upgrade and transform the production, circulation and sales process of commodities by using advanced technical means such as big data and artificial intelligence, reshape the structure and ecosystem of the business form, and deeply integrate online service, offline experience, and modern logistics. Such asWal-Mart, Amazon and so on, have made great strides in unmanned retail, from the cost, efficiency, experience, unmanned retail, self-help retail has become a new retail hot spot. "

5GEnabling Global Wisdom Retail Innovation
5G as a historical turning point in the industry, its change is not only the evolution of communication technology, but also a thorough and comprehensive technological innovation. It will subvert the traditional behavior of various industries, bring new technological ecology and business model, and change the way people experience the world and do business.

Focus on new retailPromoting the healthy Development of Retail Industry in Asia and the Pacific
Based on the extensive response to China's deepening reform, comprehensive opening up, and the "Belt and Road Initiative" initiative, as well as China's impact on the Asian economy and the world economy, at the same time, China's rapid development in the commercial retail industry, the total retail volume and the level of management technology in the world are prominent in the same industry, and can play a leading and leading role in the development of retail industry in the Asia-Pacific region and the whole world. The Asia-Pacific Retail Conference, one of the world's three major retail events, came to China again 14 years later.
The 19th Asia-Pacific Retail Congress and Expo will be held in Chongqing from September 5 to 7 this year. 3500 professionals, leaders, industry experts and enterprise representatives from 19 countries and regions will attend the exhibition, including more than 1500 overseas participants and purchasing representatives. According to the responsible person of the Organizing Committee, the main forum will invite more than 10 heavyweight guests to deliver keynote speeches, including promoting the common cooperation and development of retail industry in the Asia-Pacific region, and an analysis of the development trends of domestic and international retail industry.
Jiang Ming, co-president of China Business, the organizer of the Expo, believes that at the 19th Asia-Pacific Retail Congress and International Consumer goods Fair with the theme of 'New Retail New consumption New Power-Cooperation and sharing', Wal-Mart, Metro, Yongwang, IKEA, Alibaba, Wanda,, Tencent, 3500, multipoint, Isidan, Ito Yanghuatang and other well-known retailers at home and abroad participated extensively. It shows the rapid development of China's retail market, and enterprises actively deal with the new normal of the domestic economy, new changes in the market, and new changes in consumption.
The Asia-Pacific Retail Conference will strongly support the transformation and upgrading of retail industry in Asia-Pacific and China, and build an international high-end open platform for the development of the industry.
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