Yili had 23.13 billion revenue in the first quarter, JD.com supermarket helped Yili realize the red start.

Date Of Issue:2019 / 05 06:20
On the evening of April 25, Yili shares released a financial report for the first quarter of 2019, which showed that the company's total operating income was 23.13 billion yuan, an increase of 17.1 percent over the same period last year. Net profit as high as 2.28 billion yuan, Erie more than expected to achieve a good start in the first quarter, following 2018 10 billion level of growth, 2019 above the target of 90 billion, the value of the health ecosystem highlights.

By bringing together the world's innovation, market, talent, nature and other high-quality resources, To become a multi-category distributor across the field of health, a leader in the development of the healthy food industry, and the most reliable provider of healthy food to consumers. The sustained and high growth performance is due to the construction of the Erie health ecosystem. At the same time, It can not be separated from the important strategic partner JD.com, in big data, marketing, supply chain and other aspects of multi-dimensional empowerment.
Since 2014, Yili officially entered JD.com, JD.com supermarket has become Yili's largest B2C sales platform. Erie has a variety of products, including pure milk, milk drinks, ice cream, milk powder, yogurt, cheese, etc. As well as its Jindian, Anmushi, grain more, gold crowns, every Tiantian, light and other well-known brands in JD.com supermarket continue to sell well. Yili released a war report on the day of JD.com 's "618" in 2018, saying that in just one hour, Yili achieved the best results of JD.com liquid milk, JD.com adult powder, and 3500 domestic milk powder. At the same time, JD.com released the milk brand sales list showed that Yili steadily ranked first in the milk brand list.

In September 2018, during the JD.com Super Brand Day event in Yili, JD.com joined hands with Yili to rely on big data's insight into the blank opportunities for excavating children's milk, launched a new product, "QQ Star Organic Milk," and launched it exclusively in JD.com supermarket, creating a new trend in the industry. It also realizes the maximization of brand exposure.

As the leading brand of Chinese dairy industry, Yili has always regarded quality as life, which coincides with JD.com 's persistence in authentic products. In March this year, JD.com joined hands with six major dairy companies, including Yili, to open a super grand event on Chinese milk powder, established the China Infant Formula quality Care Fund, and issued a "Joint proposal to promote the healthy Development of Chinese Milk Powder." Make every effort to promote the quality upgrading of domestic milk powder. At the meeting, Nielsen released the "2018 China Infant Formula Market Environmental Insight" report, showing that the market share of domestic milk powder rose to 43.7% in 2018 from 40.7% in 2017. Sales growth rose to 21.1% from 14.5% in 2017. Domestic milk powder, represented by the gold crown of Yili milk powder, continues to rise in terms of its market share and consumption growth rate, so as to achieve a confrontation with foreign investment and drive a sustained recovery in the sales volume of the whole domestic milk powder market. Reshaped consumer confidence in domestic milk powder.

In addition, with the help of "Internet +" and big data analysis, Yili jointly established a cooperative warehouse with JD.com to shorten the fastest receiving speed of e-commerce channels to three hours after the issuance of orders. With the help of JD.com, Yili has become the only enterprise in the industry that has the ability to deliver more than 100 million products to consumers every day.

Win-win cooperation is the development trend of retail industry. JD.com is willing to work with his partners to jointly create new ecology and value in the field of health and provide more safe, healthy and nutritious dairy products for consumers.
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