8 weeks 8 cities, Wuhan station completed successfully! Next stop, Guiyang!

Date Of Issue:2019 08 / 20 18:15
Wuhan is the largest city in central China. As a famous historical and cultural city in China and one of the birthplaces of modern industrial civilization in China, Wuhan has a unique and profound historical and cultural background and advanced logistics to give Jiangcheng Wuhan a chic business environment.

Thank the partners of Wuhan station

"Top Marketing Business thinking, 8 weeks, 8 cities, the person in the case is here! "the fifth stop, Wuhan Station, came to a successful conclusion this afternoon. The scene gathered from Alibaba, 58.com, Ping an Group, Jiesbang, Dili Stationery, China Resources 39, Wuhan hive e-commerce and other enterprises 100 + new marketing responsible person. They pay attention to the current hot marketing topics and look forward to learning the latest marketing thinking of outstanding cases from this sharing activity, understanding the latest marketing means and service methods, and enriching and diversified local marketing methods.

Fan Xi, founder and chief executive of fat whale, described the reasons and significance behind the open day event with the theme of "returning to business, reshaping marketing", and began to warm up the event.

Fan Yun, founder and CEO of fat whale

Yang Zhen, currently a partner and president of Tezign, has 16 years of marketing and Internet entrepreneurship experience. He has served as P & G Brand Manager, Pepsi Marketing Director, VMLY&R (im2.0) Senior Vice President, Youku and Alibaba Culture and Entertainment Group Senior Vice President and CMO. With the theme of "content-driven growth: digital transformation of enterprise content marketing", combined with Starbucks and Youku cases, from the perspective of content, combined with user growth, scene, industry ecology, high granularity operation, effect delivery, user activity and brand building, this paper deeply expounds how to use digitization to promote content growth.

Yang Zhen, partner and President of Tezign

The second person in the sharing case, Zeng Chen, with eight years of mobile marketing experience, is currently director of the interactive division of mobile marketing in WeCheston. He has provided social integration marketing solutions for a number of well-known brands and has the ability to quickly understand the characteristics of the industry. With the theme of "how to break through the Red Sea of Marketing", combined with the specific practical cases of Shunfeng, soul, Anjuke, Jinsha running man / Zhu Zhengting Campaign, Jinsha & DR event marketing, this paper expounds: deep mining, using all available resources; marketing borrowing, let wide area flow for oneself; profound insight, creating marketing explosion point in the social pain point and other event marketing issues.

Zeng Morning, Director, Mobile Marketing C\ x {e16c} m Interactive Division, WeChat Town

The last person in the theme sharing session was Shi Weikang, director of the people's e-sports Research Institute in 1999. With 11 years of experience in social media marketing, he has served as a judge of the Effie Award, IAI, Lemeng Award and Shanghai International Advertising Festival. With the theme of "the way of Social Marketing Strategy", this paper answers a series of questions such as how to show and spread the story in order to make the brand concept deeply rooted in the hearts of the people; what kind of content can arouse everyone's interest in reading; what form can trigger the desire of users to share; how the brand can customize the social media marketing strategy; and how to use the social media marketing and other marketers to pay urgent attention to it.

Shi Weikang, Director of people's e-sports Research Institute, 1999 Mutual Recreation

In the round table discussion session, CEO Fan, founder of fat whale, led Yang Zhen, partner and president of Tezign, Zeng Chen, director of interactive division of WeChat Mobile Marketing, and Shi Weikang, president of the people's e-sports Research Institute in 1999, with the theme of "Marketing reshaping the localized Marketing of VS Z Generation", combined with the actual marketing cases. This paper actively discusses the lifestyle and brand view of the local Z generation young people in Wuhan, and shares the thinking and experience of how to respond to the needs of the local young people and carry out brand marketing practice innovation on the basis of adhering to the brand core.

At the next stop, we will join hands with MSC Consulting, Beijing Fashion brilliance Advertising Co., Ltd., etc., to go to Guiyang at 8.24 (next Saturday) to share the insight behind the hot questions such as "Social value layout of Enterprise talents and Brand" and "Marketing". Please look forward to it.

Xi'an and Hangzhou and other city stations have been opened at the same time, can be searched on the official website of the event home page. "Fat whale think tank"or"Eight weeks, eight cities, and the man in the case is here."keyword, select the city station of interest to register.

About "eight weeks, eight cities, the man in the case is here."

Whether from industry development data or communication conversations with senior executives, we realize that the sinking market is being activated at a more startling rate. The fat whale will be tailored to corporate decision makers in sinking cities, linking up with a number of top marketing insiders across the country for eight weeks to visit eight of the country's most powerful commercial cities. Through "Top Marketing Business thinking" 8 weeks and 8 cities, the person in the case is here! "while expanding marketing business thinking for local brand owners, we look forward to helping enterprises to understand the local market deeply, so as to effectively connect effective resources for enterprises in the two places and assist them to make more correct decisions and judgments, and seize the market first.

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