Industry Background

As the Food & Beverage (F&B) industry faces unprecedented upheaval given changing consumer expectations and the growth of online sales, companies are working to drive e-commerce and digital initiatives to create a customer experience that boosts revenue and loyalty. Brought to you by the creators of eTail, Digital Food & Beverage will span the intersection between online and bricks and mortar F&B retail, help F&B professionals address obstacles in this journey, and share best practices just as our other eTail programs have helped omni-channel retailers across industries since 1999. With disruptive content, unique session formats, and a focus on the food and beverage space, Food & Beverage Digital Marketing Summit is designed to help you achieve omni-channel excellence and drive profits.

Summit Overview

  • Focus on the real question of how the food and beverage industry can change the digital experience of customers.


  • Rich conference content, interesting speakers and cutting-edge industry topics. Learn from field leaders and companies that are still learning how to get on their feet.


  • Committed to industry learning and experience sharing, reduce suppliers to promote products and services.


  • Listen to the insights of digital marketers from different areas of the industry. Cross-industry perspectives inspire you to think more creatively about your digital strategy.